Jackson Wang Joins Governor Chadchart for Canal Cleanup

On Tuesday, Jackson Wang, the renowned Hong Kong rapper and a member of the South Korean boyband Got7, joined Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt to collect garbage from the Lat Phrao canal as part of a campaign to promote garbage sorting for recycling.

The campaign was a collaborative effort organized by the Bangkok Metropolitan, the C2 water bottle brand, and the TerraCycle Thai Foundation.

The purpose of the event was to promote awareness regarding garbage management, separation, and recycling, as well as to emphasize the consequences of these matters and encourage individual initiatives to tackle them.

Jackson Wang participated in the campaign by embarking on a boat to gather garbage in the Latphrao Canal. The cumulative weight of the garbage gathered from the canal was approximately 2.2 tons.

At the event, comprehensive demonstrations were held, providing attendees with practical and insightful guidance on the correct methods to separate and handle plastic garbage.

These demonstrations aimed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge to contribute effectively to waste management in their daily lives.

Moreover, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration was given donated water bottles which are set to be converted into reflective vests for road cleaners.

Highlighting the pressing need for waste separation, the Governor of Bangkok drew attention to the significant impact of the previous year’s “Zero Waste” campaign.

This city-wide initiative successfully managed to reduce the daily volume of waste generated within the city from an alarming 10,000 tons to approximately 9,000 tons, a substantial reduction of 10%.

He emphasized that it was a communal effort, extending gratitude to everyone for endorsing and amplifying consciousness about waste segregation and environmental conservation amongst the general public.