Lat Krabang Flood-Hit Tambons To Be Declared “Disaster Areas”

On Thursday, City Hall announced that parts of the Lat Krabang district would be designated as disaster areas due to rains hitting Bangkok and the rest of the country.

While the announcement is rare in the capital, the government insisted the move is not a cause for alarm, as it’s intended to allow officials to provide rapid emergency aid.

According to Bangkok Deputy Governor Tavida Kamolvej, six tambons in Lat Krabang will be declared disaster areas this week, including Klong Song Ton Noon, Lat Krabang, Klong Sam Prawet, Thubyao, Lam Prathieu, and Khumthong. Such areas were greatly affected by the recent rains and floods.

Mr. Tavida said that the capital’s residents should not panic over the announcement, set to be confirmed by Governor Chardchart Sittipunt.

Designating some parts of the Lat Krabang district would allow quick access to emergency assistance funds and other aid programs from the Interior Ministry’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department. Also, its goal is to make people eligible for financial and other assistance, Bangkok’s deputy governor clarified.

The latest reports showed that at least 20,000 residents and 1,322 rai of farmland in the six districts were affected by flooding caused by continuous heavy rain in the city.

Bangkok’s eastern and northern districts were the hardest hit. In Lat Krabang, the worst affected area, crews had to drain water into canals flowing to the Chap Phraya and Bang Pakong rivers after water levels rose sharply.

According to City Clerk Kajit Chatchawanich, all the districts will dry out if there is no more rain in the next seven days.

However, meteorologists’ opinions are different. The Meteorology Department said there was a 60% chance of rain in Bangkok through next Wednesday.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) also predicted rain in Rat Burana, Bang Bon, Min Buri, Yanawa, and Nong Chok districts starting today. Bang Khen, Bung Kum, Lat Phrao, Chatuchak, and Kannayao districts could also be affected.

Meanwhile, the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Disaster urged authorities and volunteers in 30 provinces in the northern, northeastern and central regions to stay alert until next Tuesday, as rains expected from Saturday could cause flash floods.

At least 23 provinces are still flooded, but water levels continue to drop, the department added.