Mitr Pan Mitr: A Helping Hand to Hardest-Hit Communities

Samyan Mitrtown and Scholars of Sustenance Thailand (SOS) have teamed up to launch the “Mitr Pan Mitr” food donation project, with the aim of helping those communities that had been hardly affected by the new wave of COVID-19 infections.

The new coronavirus outbreak has brought devastating economic and social consequences to many communities in Thailand.

In this sense, with the purpose of reducing food waste and helping Thai families affected by the pandemic with their living expenses, Mitr Pan Mitr becomes a friend in times of adversity.

But Samyan Mitrtown is not alone.

Scholars of Sustenance Thailand (SOS) or ‘Food Rescue Foundation’ have also joined the food donation project, making it part of their annual SOS service of 4.5 million meals.

Following their sustainable concept and fighting the environmental challenge caused by thousands of tons of food waste, Samyan Mitrtown and SOS started Mitr Pan Mitr, a project that will help both the environment and the population.

It aims at distributing food from partner restaurants to people affected by COVID-19.

Said restaurants are Oishi Eaterium, Shabushi, Mx Cakes & Bakery, Bake a Wish, Jip Jip, Kingkong Sweets, White Story, The Spicy House, and Ya Kun Tostada Kaya.

All disadvantaged communities or people amid a long-lasting and devastating pandemic can register as recipients of donations for the project.

To do so, they just need to contact Scholars of Sustenance Thailand (SOS) or Food Rescue Foundation at 02-075-1417 and 062-675-0004.

Mitr Pan Mitr will follow preventive protocols for COVID-19 to guarantee the safety of both the parties involved (restaurants, operations team, and others) and the communities that will get the food.