Over 40 Narcotics Packets Found During Raid in Bangkok Pub

Officers from the Youth and Women Welfare Center found several packets containing controlled narcotics after a raid in a Bangkok pub.

Security forcers raided the nighttime venue “77 Society Pub” in the capital’s Bang Khun Thian district on Sunday morning, finding many packets containing ketamine, ecstasy (MDMA) and crystal methamphetamine.

According to authorities’ reports, 195 customers were at the scene when the police arrived at around 2:00 a.m.
All patrons were forced to undergo urine tests. The results showed that 37 women and 26 men tested positive for illicit drugs consumption.

Three ketamine packets were found among two customers’ belongings, police reports added.

77 Society Pub’s owner, identified as Khomsan Dangchum, was detained shortly after the raid and has remained in police custody ever since. He faces multiple charges, including operating a late-night entertainment venue without a license and defying the orders imposed by Bangkok’s communicable disease committee.

The man could be also punished under Thai law for selling alcohol after permitted hours, violation of the emergency decree and illegal association, breaching and not complying with health safety measures and allowing narcotics trading on his nightspot’s premises.

Official reports also said police agents found 41 packets containing ketamine, 12 with crystal methamphetamine and 20 tablets of ecstasy (MDMA) scattered on the nighttime venue’s floor.

But it was not the only entertainment venue raided the past weekend.

On Saturday, officials from the Provincial Administration Department and Pathumwan Police agents raided an ilegal pub in Bangkok’s Rong Muang area.

Officers responded to reports that the late-night venue had been allegedly operating until 4:00 a.m., breaching the government’s controls on entertainment spots’ opening hours.

Several narcotics packets were found on the pub’s floor after the raid. According to provincial authorities, Pathumwan police superintendent and other four officers were transferred pending further investigation.

Bangkok’s pubs, bars and karaoke rooms have been subject to authorities’ scrutiny the past few weeks. While the Center for Covid-19 Administration (CCSA) has eased pandemic restrictions and allowed entertainment venues to reopen from June 1st, they have to close before midnight.

But many bars’ and pubs’ operators have asked the government to extend the operating hours to at least 2:00 a.m., a recent polling discovered.