Smart Traffic Control System Aims To Solve Bangkok’s Traffic

In an effort to improve the vehicle flow along the main roads, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has recently implemented a test scheme, introducing an automated traffic control system across four major streets in the city.

Governor of Bangkok, Chadchart Sittipunt, who oversaw the inauguration, announced that the system has been implemented at 13 crossroads along Rama VI Road, Ratchawithi Road, Phahon Yothin Road, and Praditpat Road.

He mentioned that at the moment, nearly 1,000 personnel are deployed for managing traffic signals throughout the metropolis, 50 percent of whom are traffic signal controllers. Nonetheless, the exchange of data between these teams is not efficient.

The freshly introduced Bangkok Area Traffic Control Project (BATCP) is specifically designed to gather traffic data.

It encompasses factors like traffic density, delay time at signals and tailback positions, to facilitate better traffic administration and prevent congestion escalation, he explained. He further added that it would also to “reduce the workload of officers.”

The BMA aspires to extend this smart traffic control system to envelop 500 locations around the city by 2026. Down the line, drivers might also be able to access traffic updates on their mobile phones to organize their travel ahead of time.

The deputy governor of Bangkok, Visanu Samsompol, explained that the Area Traffic Control system employs cameras positioned at intersections and linked to a city-wide system for superior network synchronization.

He mentioned that devices to detect blockages would be set up to determine traffic light timing, and volume-based data would be utilized to support police in traffic administration.

Mr. Visanu stated that the Area Traffic Control system is predicted to enhance traffic flow by “10% during busy periods and by 30% at other times.”

He disclosed that the BMA had been assisted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) for the system’s rollout.