Thailand’s Education Technology Expo: EdTeX 2023 Is at QSNCC

EdTeX 2023 leads the way as Thailand’s top education technology event, showcasing the latest cutting-edge innovations and solutions, with the goal of elevating the overall quality of education in this rapidly-growing digital era. For students and educators wishing to see a host of the newest technologies, the show offers a great chance to view them up-close.

The highly anticipated annual event is scheduled to get underway on Thursday, August 31 and will run through to Saturday, September 2 at Halls 6 to 7, on the lower ground floor of the illustrious Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in the heart of Bangkok.

Some of the country’s most well-renowned ed-tech businesses and institutes will be there to present various products and services, tailored to a wide audience. Attendees will also be able to delve into engaging workshops, seminars, and activities throughout the event.

A Mind-Blowing Event To Attend for Students and Educators Alike

One of Thailand’s principal exhibition organizers N.C.C. Management & Development Co., Ltd. are in charge of EdTeX 2023, which has the aim of developing students’ competency in the 21st century. A large number of visitors are expected to attend the three-day event.

The super expo serves as a beacon of educational innovation, bringing together products and services from over 150 distinguished companies. Amongst these, there are both Thai and international businesses included alongside leading educational institutes, who have more than 3,000 items between them, such as apps, programs, and learning equipment.

Additionally, attendees can look forward to participating in over fifty engrossing seminars, featuring eminent guest speakers from top ed-tech institutions and companies. There are sure to be opportunities to meet fellow students or educators, and expand your network.

The landscape within education is rapidly changing, with technology being a driving force behind the transformation. EdTeX Expo is Thailand’s premier event that seeks to unite the latest in educational innovations and technologies, developing students’ learning abilities.

Under the “Active Learning” concept, the show has been divided into four different zones, which go by: Smart Classroom, Smart System, Smart Learning and Technology, and Smart Office. The Smart Classroom is an EdTech-centered classroom that enhances learning by integrating audio, video, and images to elevate engagement and academic performance.

Smart System incorporates functions to operate autonomously, or semi-autonomously, via data analytics, AI, and interconnected technologies, for improved decision-making. Within Smart System, visitors get to explore cloud databases, server-based learning, and more.

EdTeX Expo Brings Bangkok the Latest in Educational Technology

In the Smart Learning and Technology space, attendees can explore and understand how advanced digital tools, AI, and customized learning methods are seamlessly integrated to enhance the educational experience and propel academia with the latest advancements.

Just like in the Smart Classroom, the Smart Office employs technological innovations, and automated systems, to boost employee productivity, efficiency, and comfort. In this space there are a number of companies who will be showcasing a range of innovative products and services, that have been tailored for co-working spaces, business uses, and beyond.

A number of distinguished technology companies will be present to exhibit their products and services. ViewSonic, well-renowned in the fields of computing, consumer electronics, and communication solutions, will give demonstrations of their cutting-edge technology.

In addition, local and regional tech powerhouses including CU SmartLens, Mind Analytica, and Cytron Technologies will all be in attendance. You also have the opportunity to probe experts joining the EdTalk seminar, where authorities on several critical topics will discuss a variety of subjects such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, Metaverse, and future education trends.

There will also be a tremendous robot contest to witness, split into two parts: GreenMech Advanced is based on system design using scientific principles, whereas R4M-Advanced features robots carrying out some basic tasks including line-following and ball-collecting.

Visitors can expect, if previous EdTeX expos are anything to go by, an exciting time to be had by all. The exhibition opens daily from 10am to 6pm, from August 31 to September 2, and you may wish to visit the N.C.C. Facebook page and website for any further details.