Bumrungrad’s Renovated Birth and Postpartum Recovery Rooms

Bumrungrad International Hospital has achieved another milestone in the development of their medical care by renovating their postpartum recovery rooms, giving new mothers an opportunity to recuperate comfortably in the immediate days after they have given birth.

The upgrades are in line with the hospital’s “Shifting the Future of Healthcare” vision, that aims to modernize recovery rooms designed to meet patients’ needs and provide a safer environment for patients, families, and healthcare staff at the famed Bangkok institution.

Bumrungrad has gone to great lengths to maintain national standards of safety, as well as improving infrastructure so that the patients feel settled as if they were not in a hospital.

Indeed, patients are at the heart of the first-class medical services that the hospital offers, with both Thai and foreign patients trusting in them for the 42 years since they opened.

The renovation project was centered on Bumrungrad’s Ward 6, which encompasses their postpartum rooms, a nursery, and a rooftop garden. In total, there are four different types of recovery rooms: VIP rooms that have guest rooms attached, deluxe rooms next to the rooftop garden which provide a quiet, calm atmosphere, twin rooms, and single rooms.

Located in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, Bumrungrad has adopted the safety, function and emotion (SFE) principle and EcoHealth concept during the renovations of Ward 6.

Under the EcoHealth concept, the recovery rooms have been designed with medical care, environment, wellbeing, nature, and energy efficiency in mind. All spaces were built using eco-friendly materials such as wood, and large windows feature that provide natural light.

Spaces in Ward 6 were decorated in warm colors to express relaxation and balance, bring positive energy to visitors and help patients to de-stress. The building is equipped with all of the facilities that any modern mother needs, furthering Bumrungrad’s solid reputation.

Under the SEF principle, Bumrungrad focuses on:

  • Safety: Patients, family, and staff members can be sure of safe spaces and insurance coverage. The areas are conveniently designed, featuring furniture made with extra storage, as well as 800 air-conditioners with more energy-efficiency and less noise.

  • Function: Bumrungrad also boosts work proficiency, by adjusting the lighting layout for medical work with daytime and evening settings. They also have furniture which allows patient transfer, and medical equipment for seamless medical care delivery.

  • Emotional Wellbeing: There is a commitment to creating an atmosphere that allows patients to rest both physically and mentally: warm, nature-like colours and lighting schemes have been brought in to the rooms. Other facilities and amenities include TVs, a cooking area, a microwave, a fridge, and a large sofa for enhanced comfort.

Bumrungrad’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is responsible for the specialized care of mothers and babies. The precision work of their experienced team of medical experts is supported by advanced technology, to provide the highest safety and care standards.

The NICU delivery room and operating theater are in close proximity to each other which allows health professionals, often slowed by distances between various departments, to work faster and limit patient transfer risks, giving newborns greater chances of survival.

So far, the NICU has played a crucial role in rescuing babies in critical conditions, such as babies born premature, babies born with low weights, twins and triplets, and babies born with organ malfunctions such as respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system issues.

For further details on Bumrungrad International Hospital’s birth and postpartum recovery services, visit: or call: +66 2 066 8888 to speak with their team.