COVID-19 Vaccine Made by Siam Bioscience Passes AstraZeneca’s Quality Testing

Samples of a COVID-19 vaccine made by Siam Bioscience have passed quality testing at AstraZeneca laboratories located in Europe and the United States, the firm announced Sunday.

James Teague, National President of AstraZeneca (Thailand) Ltd, issued an English statement on the test results. “We have seen a series of significant and promising progress [sic] in AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine development in Thailand during the past weeks,” he said.

“First, the Thai Food and Drug Administration approved Siam Bioscience as a manufacturing facility for COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca,” he went on.

“Last week, the samples of COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca made by Siam Bioscience passed the full tests the standard set [sic] by the Department of Medicial Sciences (DMS) for requirements such as chemical composition and safety.,” Mr. Teague added.

“And today, I am happy to be able to inform you that the samples from the test batches of the Covid-19 vaccine made by Siam Bioscience had passed the quality testing at AstraZeneca’s designated laboratories in Europe and in the U.S.,” he stated.

Mr. Teague also said that those significant advances mean that the Thai government is getting closer to receiving the first batch of the vaccine.

The statement also explained that numerous safety tests and quality control measures were executed at each manufacturing and distribution phase. Each vaccine batch undergoes more than 60 different quality control tests from manufacture to vaccination in order to complete all the steps in the quality assurance process.

AstraZeneca has built an extensive global analytics network to ensure consistent quality across supply chains, the statement read.

According to Mr. Teague, the company’s focus is to deliver vaccines as quickly as possible while ensuring compliance with the highest quality and safety standards and processes.

“We will continue to work closely with the government to achieve that,” he added.

“We are well aware that increasing concerns and question [sic] have been raised around vaccine safety and the availability of supply to help Thais and the people in Southeast Asia to fight this terrible COVID-19 pandemic,” he went on.

Mr. Teague reiterated AstraZeneca’s commitment to putting science and the interest of society at the heart of its work.

He said the firm would stay true to its values by continuing working with governments and other organizations to provide broad and equitable access to the vaccine in a non-profit and timely manner.