Doctor HUB Clinic’s Convenient Healthcare Services in Bangkok

Doctor HUB Clinic is a medical clinic dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality healthcare services to patients in the Bangkok area. Whether you are seeking expert consultations, thorough examinations, or specialist treatments, their team of skilled doctors, well-trained nurses and professional medical technologists is ready to assist you.

Situated on the 3rd floor of Silom Edge shopping center, Doctor HUB Clinic has become a preferred healthcare choice for Thais and expats alike, owing not only to the cutting-edge services on offer, but also to the accessibility and convenience of the favourable location.

In addition to its doubtless commitment to customer care, the clinic also prioritizes patient satisfaction and overall well-being, delivering a first-class healthcare experience. It utilizes industry-standard equipment to conduct accurate diagnoses and all-inclusive treatments.

Quality Medical Services Catered to Health-Conscious Individuals

Managed by Tai Quality Care Co., Ltd., a healthcare company with an impressive portfolio, Doctor HUB Clinic is the newest venture the organization has launched: they also run two notable physiotherapy clinics, F Rehab and F Physio Clinic, and the Drug Story pharmacy.

The clinic has welcomed patients for around a year, since the opening of Silom Edge mall. Nestled in the bustling Silom district, the upscale shopping complex offers easy access to both BTS Sala Daeng and MRT Silom stations, making it very easy for all visitors to reach.

Doctor HUB Clinic’s customers can expect world-class care and unparalleled service, with high-quality equipment being employed including electrocardiogram (ECG) machines and chest x-ray units. The on-site laboratory performs various tests, such as blood sugar, lipid levels, and liver function, giving people access to solid diagnostic and treatment options.

Patients who are in search of a private and highly individualized medical check-up service at a reasonable price should look no further than Doctor HUB Clinic. The service, which is available to both individuals and companies, has three fundamental pillars: there will be a comprehensive evaluation, an extensive, in-depth diagnosis, and a customized care plan.

If customers choose the medical check-up service, they will have six programs catering to their individual needs, and preferences. The basic program offers ten various evaluations, including a wide-ranged physical examination, a chest x-ray, and a complete blood count.

For those who are about to take up new jobs, Doctor HUB Clinic offers a pre-employment medical check-up service, with a wide selection of assessments included such as medical history reviews, physical exams, psychological screenings, laboratory tests and eye tests.

Conveniently and Affordably Supporting Your Long-Term Health

The clinic can also issue specialized medical certificates that may be needed, whether for work, travel, insurance, or other purposes. Its devoted medical team conducts meticulous evaluations to ensure that patients receive accurate and legally valid medical certificates.

Additionally, vaccination services are available to individuals spanning all age groups who wish to strengthen their immunity against infectious diseases and enhance overall health. Clients can select from many types of vaccines, including Hepatitis B, Influenza and HPV.

If you are grappling with common medical conditions such as allergies, colds, flu, diarrhea or headaches, Doctor HUB Clinic is certainly worth a visit. Its healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding care, and are always on hand to help at every step to ensure you receive personalized advice that is specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Anyone dealing with injuries, or requiring wound care, may be interested to know that the clinic offers wound treatment services. Whether it’s just a scrape, or a more serious injury, a skilled medical team is ready to make sure you heal with the utmost care and attention.

Furthermore, the clinic provides expert non-communicable disease management services which can assist individuals in preventing or managing conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory disorders, and metabolic disorders. Patients are certain to receive steady support through regular follow-up visits and by being carefully monitored.

Besides these services available on-site, Doctor HUB Clinic offers patients a telemedicine option for those who may be too busy to visit. Easy access to virtual consultations means that anyone can reach out for assistance from doctors right in the comfort of their homes.

Following an online consultation, the clinic’s team will promptly send out an e-prescription to its affiliated pharmacy, Drug Story, situated on the 3rd floor of Thaniya Plaza. There, the prescribed medication will be prepared, and patients can choose from either picking it up in person, or having it delivered directly to their doorsteps, at a time of their convenience.

While walk-ins are welcome to visit the clinic, if you need a more expansive treatment, it is advisable to book an appointment in advance. The staff are proficient in both English and Thai, ensuring no language barriers get in the way of you receiving superb levels of care.

Opening daily from 8am to 8pm, Doctor HUB Clinic is ideal for anyone looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to have health check-ups, and other important medical services, carried out in Bangkok. Visit: or call: 080-206-0707 for more details.