Drug Story: Online and Offline Pharmacy Services in Bangkok

Drug Story is an outstanding pharmacy and healthcare retailer situated on the 3rd floor of Silom’s Thaniya Plaza, a 4-level shopping center with almost 100 different golf shops. The store, which opened its doors a year ago, stocks an impressive range of pharmaceuticals, healthcare supplies, vitamins and supplements, cosmetics and other health-related items.

Right from the start it has been popular with the local community, appealing to both Thais and expats, not just because of the expansive variety of health products on offer, but also by providing health consultations, and expert product advice, from a licensed pharmacist.

Customers are able to shop in person at the store, or utilize the convenient “PharmCare” online service. This telepharmacy platform offers virtual consultations so that customers can obtain professional advice, and order goods, from the comfort of their own homes.

PharmCare Offers Ultimate Convenience for Busy Individuals

The “PharmCare” platform, a leading online healthcare provider situated in Thailand, aims to manage real-time communication between patients and medical professionals through video calls or chat messaging, providing reliable consultations with healthcare personnel.

Recently, this service has rocketed in popularity, owing to the high level of convenience it offers especially for busy individuals who find it challenging to make time for consultation appointments. For example, an office worker who has a minor health concern can greatly benefit, as it removes the hassles of scheduling visits, and traveling to a clinic or hospital.

Accessing this consultation service is a breeze: you can simply visit Drug Story’s website, where you can find a QR code to scan. This will lead you directly to a LINE chat, allowing you to connect directly with a trained pharmacist, during the pharmacy’s opening hours.

After this consultation the prescription will be ready for collection in-store, or alternatively delivery can be arranged at your convenience. Customers should bear in mind they have to pay the reasonable delivery fee, if they would like to utilize the delivery service option.

Drug Story has everything you need to support your health and overall well-being, where every product on offer is of top quality, handpicked from the world’s most trusted brands. The store’s vitamins and supplements section boasts a terrific selection of products such as immune boosters, bone and joint supplements, mental clarity supplements, and more.

There is a top lineup of renowned vitamin and supplement brands for your consideration, including the brand VISTRA, an outstanding vitamin and nutritional supplement company in Thailand, alongside Blackmores, Australia’s biggest-selling health supplements brand.

Discover Many Hard-To-Find Health and Wellness Products

Additionally, you can find a selection of rare health and wellness products that are hard to locate in Thailand. A good example is the Thermo Pad: this versatile device provides heat therapy for both pain relief and muscle relaxation, alleviating aches and pains thoroughly.

For those in search of premium skincare solutions, the store has a superb array of leading skincare brands from around the world, including the formidable California-based CeraVe, a brand renowned for its outstanding offerings, known to merge innovation with efficacy.

You may be interested in another standout item at Drug Story, the elastic therapeutic tape called Kinesio Tex, which is designed to support muscles and joints, while simultaneously enhancing circulation, all without restricting movement. This tape uses the body’s natural healing properties, supporting muscles and joints whilst providing a full range of motion.

If you are a non-Thai speaker and are worried about encountering language barriers, then you can rest assured that the pharmacists at Drug Story are proficient in English and Thai, ensuring clear and precise communication with all customers. Whether you need medical supplies, consultations, or rare healthcare items, this is undoubtedly the right place to go.

Well-positioned on the 3rd floor of Thaniya Plaza mall, in the ever bustling Silom district of Bangkok, the store offers marvellous convenience and accessibility, with BTS Sala Daeng station directly connected to the mall and MRT Silom station being a short distance away.

Drug Story welcomes customers every day, from 10am until 8pm. Should you require any further information, wish to order products, or seek online consultations, you are advised to visit their official website at: or call the store directly on: 096-732-7701.