Navella Medical and Wellness Is Revolutionizing Holistic Healthcare

In a healthcare landscape normally based around disease treatment, Navella Medical and Wellness is the first official preventative medical center in Thailand, with an approach that makes a priority of preventing diseases instead of treating them after they have occurred.

Situated on the third floor of Silom Edge mall in Bangkok, this institution specializes in the delivery of quality preventative care services, aiming to elevate overall health and reduce disease risk. Founded by experienced practitioners, the holistic health solutions provided emphasize biology-based techniques to identify the underlying causes of medical issues.

To ensure superior and positive client experiences, the clinic utilizes some of the latest in medical technology, and has a bilingual staff proficient in both English and Thai. The high standards of care and exemplary customer service are what set the establishment apart.

Taking a Proactive Approach With Enhanced Longevity in Mind

Navella Medical and Wellness opened its doors back in January and welcomes both local and international patients, offering vital medical services for happier, healthier futures. An exceptional array of treatment options awaits customers including functional tests, health programs, and viable solutions to prevent cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

Dr. Suttipoj Pattaramongkolkarn and Dr. Emon Pattaramongkolkarn, seen in the first photo above from left to right, lead the Navella team. Dr. Suttipoj is a specialist in anti-aging and preventative medicine while Dr. Emon is an expert in functional and integrative medicine.

The clinic consists of four individual treatment rooms that have been fitted with advanced medical equipment, sourced from leading German and Japanese manufacturers. There is also a comfortable sitting area, where clients are able to relax in between appointments.

Standardized physical checkups and routine blood tests offer limited insights, particularly in proactive disease diagnosis and prevention. Navella Medical and Wellness can help to detect diseases, conditions and illnesses prior to occurring and increase one’s longevity.

If you are dealing with chronic health conditions and seeking to tackle the issues but find that your current physicians cannot treat them adequately, Navella is able to offer on-site and online consultations, ensuring clients receive specialized and tailored medical care.

Before administering treatments, a doctor will assess patients, and complete a functional medicine consultation. It involves a review of their medical history as well as current diet and lifestyle: when taking into account other essential health details, the doctors will be able to prepare a personalized medical plan which addresses specific health problems.

Specialized Preventative Medical Services For Optimal Health

There are ten functional tests conducted by Navella Medical and Wellness, which include its Ultimate Checkup, Bioactive Hormone Panels, Urine Organic Panels, Neurotransmitter Tests, Gut Microbiome, Micronutrient Profiles, Allergy Tests, Genetic Screening, Immunity Profiles and Toxic Heavy Metal Profiles: acting on the results can help you immeasurably.

For those who are seeking ways to slow aging, consider an anti-aging test where experts look at various nutritional deficiencies or excesses and other rapid aging issues, to come up with recommendations to decelerate the aging process, and for having robust health.

Cancer screening tests are administered by Navella’s specialist team at the clinic and are catered to all. Early detection is the key to beating cancer so anyone hoping to lower the risk of contracting it should be as vigilant as possible, having comprehensive checkups.

A healthy gut is the foundation of your overall health, and can be observed when there is the right balance of probiotics and microorganisms. A gut microbiome DNA test analyzes the gut flora in your body, providing knowledge of how to enhance your digestive health.

Patients also have several health programmes at their disposal including IV Drip Therapy, Ozone Therapy, IV NutriDrip Therapy, Peptide Therapy, Detoxification Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Cell Therapy, Plasmapheresis Therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, and Colon Hydrotherapy, all of which are very popular treatments with patrons.

IV drip therapy is a great option for anyone who may require additional nutrients that are missing from their existing diets, better athletic recovery, immune support, detoxification, swift rehydration, management of chronic conditions, and effective relief from migraines.

The Pathway to Health, Where Prevention is Better Than Cure

Making regular trips to the toilet may not be enough to completely expel waste out of the colon, and lack of attention to this could cause long-term gut issues. Colon hydrotherapy could be the solution to the problem, which will safely and effectively detoxify your body.

With the air quality in Bangkok worsening towards the end of the year, ozone therapy is a proactive measure that you may want to consider. It is helpful in countering the effects of poor air quality, and it is also proved to assist in recovery from long COVID-19 syndrome.

Liver cleansing therapy is another popular service known for its potential to improve liver health by eliminating accumulated toxins, ideal for those who drink alcohol frequently, or smoke a lot of cigarettes. The clinic is running a promotion for liver cleansing treatments priced at THB 2,990 per session available for customers to use until the end of January.

The clinic also offers integrative cancer treatments, including anti-cancer infusion therapy which combines conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation with some complementary therapies like dietary therapy and stress reduction. A holistic approach is useful since it addresses the whole body as cancer patients embark on healing journeys.

Anyone wishing to use Navella Medical and Wellness services should note that bookings are recommended at least 24 hours in advance. The clinic is conveniently located, only a couple of minutes to walk from either BTS Sala Daeng station, or from MRT Silom station.

Navella Medical and Wellness welcomes patients daily, from 9:30am until 6:30pm. There are many reasons to visit, with the excellent range of services and helpful staff being the most compelling – Visit Navella’s website or call: 02-090-6988 to book an appointment.