Couple Gets Refund for Seating Next to a Farting Dog on Flight

A couple from New Zealand who experienced a 13-hour journey next to a dog that was “slobbering, farting, and whining” have been compensated $1,410 by Singapore Airlines, as per People.

The incident occurred in June of this year as Gill and Warren Press, a couple from Wellington, were returning to New Zealand from Europe.

They had boarded a 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore when, to their surprise, they discovered that a dog was accompanying the passenger seated next to them.

Mrs. Press raised concerns to a flight attendant after hearing the dog snort and drool, requesting a change of seats.

The couple reported that, in addition to the snorting, the dog was also flatulent. They detailed how the dog invaded Mr. Press’s leg space by positioning its head under his feet, leading to saliva dripping on his leg.

Nonetheless, the flight staff stated that the only unoccupied seats were in the back of the economy class. Opting to stay in their premium seats, the couple later claimed that, as the journey progressed, enduring the dog’s presence became unbearable.

On reaching their destination, they lodged a complaint and were informed that the airline would get in touch. The airline extended an apology, providing them with two $73 travel vouchers.

However, the couple deemed this insufficient as they had relocated from premium economy to economy seats.

After prolonged discussions, the airline at last proposed to the couple the difference in the cost of their seats, “as a gesture of goodwill,” totaling approximately $1,400. Additionally, the pair is permitted to retain the travel vouchers they initially received.

”That’s the least they could do. If they wanted to be really nice, they could’ve given us way more. The principle wasn’t about the money, it was truly about making people accountable.”

“I expect to see a baby. I expect young children. But I don’t expect a dog, ” expressed Mrs Gill.

They have decided to donate the amount to a charity connecting visually impaired individuals with service dogs, as mentioned by Insider.

In a previous statement to Insider, Singapore Airlines conveyed, ”SIA endeavors to notify customers who may be seated next to an assistance dog prior to boarding.”

“In circumstances where customers seated next to an assistance dog request to be moved, we will assist to re-seat customers within the same cabin if space permits.”