Crash in Cardiff: Cars Were Set On Fire Amid the Riotous Chaos

A crash in Cardiff resulted in cars being set alight and objects being thrown at police near the scene.

On Monday evening, approximately 100-150 people gathered on Snowden Road in the Ely district, prompting the arrival of riot police with dogs and emergency services.

A few individuals wore balaclavas, while others were seen breaking paving slabs to hurl at officers. Additionally, fireworks were hurled during the incident.

The police made arrests, but they chose not to reveal the precise number.

The sequence of events leading to the disturbance remains unclear.

According to South Wales Police, officers responded to a report of a “serious road traffic collision” on Snowden Road shortly after 18:00 BST (00:00 GMT+7).

In response to social media speculation suggesting police involvement in the initial incident, the police clarified that the crash “had already occurred when officers arrived.”

During the disorder, two police cars sustained damage, with pictures showing a broken windscreen and hanging wing mirrors.

At least two parked cars on a residential street were set on fire, one of them being overturned onto its roof.

A member of the public was attacked because some of the gathering mistook them for an undercover police officer, as reported by a senior officer at the scene.

Snowden Road has been closed between Wilson Road and Jackson Road, and motorists have been advised to avoid the area.

Around 1 am, the police stated that they continue to monitor and respond to the situation, maintaining a significant police presence in the vicinity.

As the disorder persisted into the early morning hours, the gathering moved to nearby Highmead Road while the police attempted to disperse them.

Officers, including those on horseback, were stationed outside Ely police station amid concerns that it might become a target.

The National Police Air Service confirmed their assistance in the incident.

Jane Palmer, who witnessed the events from her window, shared that her car was set on fire.

“I’m disabled so now I’m trapped without my car,” she revealed.

“Why are they doing this? It’s just stilly now.”

Another resident, choosing to remain anonymous, referred to the perpetrators as “kids” and expressed that their violent behavior had crossed a boundary and needed to cease.

Earlier, the police urged anyone involved in the disorder to leave the scene immediately and requested that local residents avoid the area until the situation is resolved safely. They also advised residents to stay indoors.

Cardiff Bus announced earlier that their service through the area had been redirected and would remain so for the remainder of the evening.