Finland PM Tests Negative for Drugs After Party Video Leak

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin tested negative for drug tests required by the country’s authorities after she was seen drinking and dancing at a party.

A leaked video showed the 36-year-old politician having a lively party with a group of friends, including a Finnish pop star. Many criticized her actions, raising concerns about her behavior.

However, Ms. Marin decided to take a drug test on Friday, saying that she had taken it “for my own legal protection and to clear up any doubts.”

She denied using narcotics or doing anything illegal but admitted to drinking alcohol.

On Monday, the Finnish government released a statement saying “no drugs were found” in the test. The prime minister reportedly paid the test’s costs herself.

According to special counsel Lida Vallin, Ms. Marin’s urine sample had been tested for cocaine, cannabis, opioids, and amphetamines.

Ms. Marin became the youngest head of government in Finnish history in 2019. Since she took office, she has not hidden her parties and has been spotted at music festivals.

The German news agency Bild dubbed Ms. Marin the “coolest prime minister in the world.”

However, she has faced criticism for her behavior. After the videos were leaked, opposition politicians demanded the prime minister take a drug test.

At a press conference last week, journalists questioned whether Ms. Marin would have been able to make quick government decisions if necessary. But she defended herself, saying she had never used drugs, even when she was younger.

The prime minister also said her ability to make important decisions in times of heightened security had not been affected, stating that she could have left to take over government duties if necessary.

Ms. Marin insisted that she had only “dance, sing, hug my friends and drink alcohol,” adding: “I hope that in the year 2022, it’s accepted that even decision-makers dance, sing and go to parties.” Finnish women have shared videos of themselves dancing on social media platforms to support the prime minister.

Last year, Ms. Marin also faced backlash and had to apologize for going to nightclubs after coming in close contact with a Covid-19 case.