King ‘Will Never Allow’ Prince Andrew To Return to Royal Roles

The King has firmly decided against allowing his brother, Prince Andrew, to resume royal duties, following aides’ assertion that Charles “had to take the trash out.”

Courtiers revealed that the decision to indefinitely exclude Andrew was made before the monarch ascended to the throne.

Recently, the Duke of York was implicated in numerous legal papers connected to his association with the deceased criminal Jeffrey Epstein, further tarnishing his reputation.

One courtier stated: “Charles found it very difficult. It was the hardest decision, as it’s his brother and he cares for him.”

“But he knew it was the right thing to do. Someone had to take out the trash.”

During the recent Christmas break at Sandringham, efforts were made by royal aides to keep the Duke of York separated from the monarch, to avoid any awkward situations related to the Epstein controversy.

Andrew was often seen as waiting for an opportunity to seek support from his brother, who is known for his kindness and generosity. However, measures were taken to prevent any private interaction between the two.

The monarch remains firm in his stance that there is no path for Andrew’s return to royal duties.

At 63, the Duke of York is currently residing at Royal Lodge in Windsor, amidst serious allegations related to Epstein’s criminal activities.

Andrew has consistently denied any misconduct, but the allegations have intensified public and media scrutiny on the royal family, with some calling for a police investigation.

Despite calls for action, including from the Labour leader, the police have not reopened an investigation into allegations of Andrew’s misconduct with a 17-year-old in London.

The Prince’s appearance on the traditional Christmas Day walk was surprising, especially with the impending release of legal documents.

Despite his controversial status, Andrew still resides at Royal Lodge and has had his armed security detail removed.

Andrew has shown interest in a public comeback, hoping for state-funded security, raising concerns among his aides about the monarch’s potential susceptibility to his brother’s appeals.

The York family stayed at Wood Farm Cottage on the Sandringham estate.

Despite plans for their eviction, Andrew and Fergie are still at Royal Lodge, with no changes in their situation.

Princess Beatrice visited Andrew at Royal Lodge, while the monarch was in Scotland and later traveled to Norfolk. Andrew has been instructed to keep a low profile following new allegations linking him to Epstein.

Despite the controversy, Andrew and his ex-wife were allowed to join the Christmas Day public walk, an event that included other royal family members.

This decision was not interpreted as a show of support for Andrew or his ex-wife, who had not been invited for over 30 years.

Andrew settled a legal case with accuser Virginia Giuffre, paying her a significant amount.

Two Christmases ago, Charles, backed by Prince William, concluded that Andrew should not be a working royal.

In early January 2022, Andrew lost his royal roles and titles, a decision made by the late Queen following a joint recommendation from William and Charles.

Insiders say the decision was difficult for Charles due to his brotherly affection, but necessary. William also firmly believes there is no way back for Andrew.

Andrew was allowed to wear his military uniform during a vigil for the Queen but wore a suit for the funeral. He also wore his Order of the Garter robes at the King’s Coronation, raising concerns about his re-emergence in public life.

Andrew attended a royal event incognito and hasn’t commented on his frequent mentions in the unsealed court files.

The documents include accusations of Andrew’s involvement in illicit activities with minors and his association with convicted trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Met Police have acknowledged the release of these documents but have not yet initiated an investigation.