Putin Alarms West by Referring to Past Nuclear Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin has referred to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear attacks in a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, sparking alarm among Western leaders.

According to international media reports, the Russian leader told Macron that the atomic bombings in Japan demonstrated that “you don’t need to attack the major cities in order to win.”

The nuclear attacks detonated by the US killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, forcing Japan to surrender to the Allies and ending World War II in August 1945.

Media reported that Macron had been alarmed by the comment, as it seemed to suggest that Putin was planning a similar tactic.

“It sounded like a very heavy hint that Putin might detonate a tactical nuclear weapon in the east of Ukraine, while leaving Kyiv intact. That appeared to be the thrust of his remarks,” a source told the Daily Mail.

An informant close to the French government claimed that the two presidents had discussed the risk of using nuclear weapons.

“Putin wants to get the message across that all options are on the table, in line with Russian doctrine relating to nuclear weapons,” the source added.

The comments come amid growing concerns that Putin could “go nuclear” after Ukrainian forces attacked a bridge connecting Russia to Crimea, as the Russian leader had previously said bombing it would “cross a red line” and prompt “judgment day.”

In addition, security services told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that there was a “very high” risk that Moscow forces would use tactical nuclear weapons.

Recently, two Russian generals were caught discussing tactical nuclear bombs’ potential use in Ukraine.

According to US spies, the officials discussed how or when Russia might use an atomic bomb against its neighbor.

Putin has also threatened Western forces, saying: “We will certainly use all the means at our disposal” if their actions endanger Russian territory’s integrity.

Reports say that Russia has a terrifying nuclear arsenal with up to 6,000 warheads, including 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons that can overwhelm conventional forces on the battlefield.