Singapore’s Changi Airport T2 Reopens After Major Renovation

Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 2 is now fully operational after undergoing a major expansion over the past three and a half years. Recently, the airport earned the title of the world’s best airport in the 2023 Skytrax Airport Awards.

The expansion introduced an additional 21,000 square meters (226,000 square feet) to the original structure, incorporating new infrastructure, state-of-the-art systems, and an expanded selection of retail and culinary options.

The renovation of Terminal 2 showcases a predominantly nature-inspired aesthetic, with its standout feature being a 14-meter-tall digital waterfall. Named “The Wonderfall,” this centerpiece is set against a verdant backdrop in the departure hall and cascades over large stone structures.

In keeping with the natural theme, the departure transit area invites passengers to explore the newly installed Dreamscape garden, featuring a collection of botanicals brought to life by a dynamic “digital sky” that changes color throughout the day.

For those who reminisce about the golden age of travel, the Flap Pix installation provides a modern twist on the classic split-flap flight information displays that were once an airport staple. Changi reveals that 1,080 of these flaps have been cleverly repurposed to create this artwork.

“With T2, we sought to enhance the passenger experience, bringing together a modern terminal inspired by nature, with immersive digital experiences, innovative technology, as well as transformative retail and dining concepts that create a sense of place,” said Lye Teck, Changi Airport Group’s program director for the Terminal 2 expansion project.

Among the highlights of the new shopping and dining options is the two-story Lotte Duty Free Wine & Spirits, which features an automated bartender. Suspended above the bar is a 30-meter LED ring, a creative homage to Li Bai’s poem “Drinking Alone Under the Moon” from the Tang dynasty.

Ascending to the upper level, visitors will find the Forest of Li Bai, an elegant lounge offering a selection of 18 whiskies under an LED-lit canopy. Additionally, a high-tech selfie mirror allows guests to capture moments with virtual K-pop icons.

New culinary offerings include Gourmet Garden, where patrons can savor runway views alongside authentic Singaporean dishes from Satay Club by Harry’s and Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice.

According to the airport’s announcement, the launch of the Terminal 2 expansion in January 2020 has increased Changi’s capacity by 5 million passengers, now accommodating up to 95 million passengers annually. Terminal 2 acts as a hub for sixteen airlines, providing connections between Singapore and 40 international cities.