UK: Man Arrested for Throwing Cartridges at Palace Grounds

A man was arrested outside Buckingham Palace after throwing assumed shotgun cartridges into the Palace premises, according to authorities.

A barrier was established, and a controlled detonation was executed following the incident, which happened around 19:00 BST on Tuesday (1 am GMT+7, Wednesday).

The man was detained on the grounds of suspected possession of an illegal weapon. No injuries have been reported.

Currently, the situation is not considered terror-linked.

In spite of the occurrence, nighttime practice sessions for the Coronation on Saturday proceeded as intended.

Authorities stated that the man was searched, and a knife was discovered, but he did not have a firearm.

They also reported he possessed a suspicious bag, and a controlled explosion was executed cautiously after an evaluation by experts.

It is believed the case is being handled as a separate mental health incident.

The arrest takes place a mere four days prior to the King’s Coronation festivities – which will be attended by global leaders and additional royalty from around the world.

The King and Queen Consort – residing at the neighboring Clarence House – were not present at Buckingham Palace during the arrest, although the King did entertain Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the palace earlier on Tuesday.

Chief Superintendent Joseph McDonald stated: “Officers acted promptly to detain the man, and he has been taken into police custody.”

“There have been no reports of any shots fired, or any injuries to officers or members of the public.”

“Officers remain at the scene and further inquiries are ongoing.”

One reporter said that evacuees “heard the controlled explosion and then we were allowed back in again.”

The alleged shotgun shells have been retrieved and will be analyzed by experts. Roads in the vicinity have reopened, and the barriers have been removed.

No comment has been issued by Buckingham Palace.

Coronation rehearsals featured soldiers adorned in vibrant yellow and red uniforms marching past the palace and along the Mall in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The procession also included mounted soldiers and the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, which will transport the King and Queen Consort from the palace to Westminster Abbey.

Tight security measures are anticipated in the capital for the Coronation. Policing minister Chris Philp has referred to it as a “huge policing operation.”