US Driver Distracted by Sex Act Crashes Into FedEx Truck

A driver crashed a black SUV into a truck after being distracted by a sexual act from his female companion and losing control of the vehicle.

The incident happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specifically on North Ocean Boulevard and 19th Street at around 6:49 p.m. on Thursday. Fort Lauderdale Fire Department officials said they found two partially nude people in the car.

The woman was performing oral sex on the driver when the black SUV crashed into a white FedEx van, they added.

The Daily Star reported that the driver’s penis was nearly bitten off by the collision’s impact when the horrific accident occurred.

Fort Lauderdale authorities confirmed the man had suffered an “unspecified injury” to the groin area but did not elaborate on the matter. The extent of the couple’s injuries remains unclear, WBRZ informed.

US media reported that two people were inside the crashed FedEx truck. Both suffered minor injuries, WPLG stated. Authorities have yet to name the four people involved in the incident.

Images shared on social media and news websites showed the remains of the wrecked vehicles.

The truck’s windows appear to have been shattered, and its doors were left hanging off their hinges, police reports said. The FedEx’s hood was also damaged and severely wrinkled after the accident.

Drivers and passengers were seen lying on the road and sidewalk. One passenger had his pants around his ankles when found by police officers.

Authorities have not revealed if anyone faces criminal charges related to the crash. The FedEx driver and a passenger have not filed charges against the people inside the black SUV.

It was not the first car accident linked to fellatio while driving. In June last year, a California construction worker backed his pickup truck into three patrons sitting outside a bar in San Jose.

One person died. Police reports said the truck driver was drunk, high on drugs, and receiving oral sex. Later, in November, a couple got busted for having oral sex in a cop car.