US Gun Firm Under Fire Over Pistol Resembling Lego Toy

US gun company Culper Precision has faced backlash after manufacturing a pistol that looks like a child’s toy as it appears to be covered in Lego bricks.

The custom Glock weapon, called the Block19, was created to represent the enjoyment of shooting sports, the firm said.

The Utah-based company also described its “fun new product” as a kit that encases Glock pistols in blue, yellow, and red Lego blocks.

“We have been building guns out of blocks for the last 30 years and wanted to flip the script to aggravate Mom.”

However, the famous Danish toy manufacturer Lego demanded Culper Precision to stop producing the controversial weapon.

Additionally, gun control activists said the handgun was irresponsible and dangerous.

Shannon Watts, of the Everytown for Gun Safety campaign group, criticized the gun firm’s novel creation, arguing that it can make children feel attracted to firearms even when they don’t look like toys.

She said that her organization had informed Lego about the custom Block 19 last week.

Also, Ms. Watts stated that the Danish company had sent a “cease and desist” letter to Culper Precision.

But the firearms company said the new product was an attempt to show that guns were for everyone, adding that owning and firing them responsibly is “really enjoyable.”

Culper Precision argued that the Constitution protects gun ownership.

Furthermore, the firm explained that the firearm, valued between $549 and $765, could only be purchased by people with licenses to possess weapons.

Later, Culper Precision President Brandon Scott told the media that he had decided to comply with Lego’s request after discussions with an attorney.

The custom gun manufacturer appears to have removed the product from its website since then.

In the United States, producing a children’s toy that resembles real arms is illegal.

But the law does not prohibit companies from making pistols that look like a toy.

However, campaigns demanding stricter regulation over arms and related products have grown as accidents involving children and firearms increase in the North American country.

According to official reports, over 140 people died in the before-mentioned gun-related incidents in 2020.