Dua Lipa, Callum Turner Seen Together in Newfound Romance

Dua Lipa appears enamoured, having developed a close bond with the up-and-coming actor, Callum Turner.

Recently captured exclusive photos reveal the celebrated singer and her partner stepping out publicly for their first joint appearance since their relationship was revealed.

During a dinner outing with the star of “Fantastic Beasts” and mutual friends at R+D Kitchen in Los Angeles, Dua’s smile was unmistakable.

Their evening extended beyond dinner, with Dua accompanying Callum to a fan Q&A for his latest Apple+ TV series, “Masters Of The Air.”

Notably, Dua had earlier dazzled at the Critics Choice Awards just hours before.

An insider commented, “Dua and Callum are enjoying each other’s company and having a lot of fun together.”

“After the awards ceremony, she headed out for dinner with Callum and then accompanied him to his work event. Dua could not look happier right now, and everyone around her loves to see it.”

As previously reported, the duo was spotted slow dancing post-premiere of “Masters Of The Air” in the city, following Dua’s split from filmmaker Romain Gavras.

Currently in town for both the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice, Dua seems captivated by Callum’s charm. At the Critics’ Choice Awards, Dua openly shared insights into her life.

She appears to be in a state of bliss, as evident from her remarks on the red carpet: “This moment is perfect. It’s perfect. 2024 is lovely.”

Callum’s past relationships include dating Vanessa Kirby, known for “The Crown” and “Mission: Impossible.”

Dua, set to co-star with Henry Cavill in the thriller “Argyle,” anticipates a significant year ahead with both the movie and her third album’s release.

Discussing the album, she said, “Music is my top priority, my passion. ‘Houdini’ is a dance introduction to the album. It’s red hot. The whole thing is different versions of love songs.”