Britney Spears Apologizes for Timberlake Comment in Memoir

Britney Spears seems to have extended an apology to her ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake for remarks she made in her autobiography.

In her book titled “The Woman in Me”, she claimed that Timberlake had suggested she get an abortion as he was not ready to become a father and also accused him of infidelity with another well-known personality.

On Monday, Spears shared a video on her Instagram of Timberlake performing with Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Accompanying this Instagram video, she expressed her regret, saying: “I wanna apologise for some of the things I wrote about in my book”.

In her words: “If I offended any of the people I genuinely care about, I am deeply sorry”.

She also mentioned her admiration for Timberlake’s latest song, “Selfish,” commenting on its quality and her amusement at Timberlake and Fallon’s duo.

Back in 2011, Spears had released a track titled “Selfish”, and following the release of Timberlake’s song with the same name, there was a movement among her fans to propel her version higher in the charts than Timberlake’s, as reported by American media.

Spears and Timberlake, a former NSync member, were a couple from 1999 when Spears was 17 until 2002.

Spears, known for her hit “Baby One More Time”, revealed in her October 2023 autobiography her uncertainty about an abortion decision during her pregnancy.

She expressed in her book that she would not have chosen the abortion if the decision was solely hers, while Timberlake was adamant against fatherhood.

These revelations led to significant backlash on social media, causing Timberlake to temporarily disable comments on his Instagram.

Timberlake, who has yet to make a public statement on the matter, had previously acknowledged his shortcomings in an Instagram post in 2021, apologizing specifically to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson for his actions.

Spears, who has been married three times and shares two children with her second husband, Kevin Federline, also discussed her contentious conservatorship in her book.

She described feeling like a “child robot” under her father’s control, quoting him saying: “I am Britney Spears now”.

Additionally, despite speculations about her return to music, Spears declared last week that she has no plans to re-enter the music industry.