DaBaby’s Girlfriend DaniLeigh Charged for Assaulting Him

DaBaby’s partner Danielle Leigh Curiel, mother of his youngest child, has been charged with two counts for reportedly assaulting him, U.S. police said.

The 29-year-old rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, and singer DaniLeigh share a three-month-old daughter.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said officers had visited the rapper’s home twice after he called them Sunday night and Monday morning, claiming his girlfriend assaulted him.

“Upon arrival, the victim, Jonathan Kirk, advised that he had been assaulted by his girlfriend, Danielle Curiel,” the department said, adding that officers had responded to a “domestic assault” call.

On Sunday, police told DaBaby he had to file the charges himself, but he called them back the day after. Officers said they had obtained “additional information” and charged DaniLeigh with two counts of simple assault.

Later, the Grammy-nominated rapper posted several videos on Instagram having a heated argument with his 26-year-old partner. In the clip, DaniLeigh is seen lying in bed while she appears to be feeding their daughter.

According to Hot 97, an IG Live clip posted by DaniLeigh shows police arriving at DaBaby’s property in Los Angeles as he asked her to leave.

On Monday morning, he shared a lengthy statement explaining his side of the story. “I would like to swiftly remove myself from any of the ‘hostile’ behavior put on display moments ago,” he wrote.

DaBaby went on to say that he had documented the last hour for his security and reputation-based business, “with multiple threats of setting up an internet scheme & a person refusing to not let me go.”

“Me and somebody else here knew to record her,” he stated.

On his Instagram stories, the rapper told his followers: “I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing.” He added he wanted her to be removed peacefully and quickly.

DaniLeigh also took to Instagram to explain the situation, telling fans that they had lived together since their daughter was born.

“Tonight, he wanna come in the room talking ’bout I need to go, don’t matter where I go,” she wrote. The singer also described DaBaby as a “coward” and said she was sorry to her baby that her father kicked her out of her house at three months.