Ed Sheeran Calls Out Friend Lewis Capaldi for a Boxing Fight

Ed Sheeran has shown an interest in boxing with Lewis Capaldi. Despite their close friendship, these British singers might set it aside to compete in the ring.

Sheeran was present at Katie Taylor’s super-lightweight fight against Chantelle Cameron over the weekend. After Taylor’s victory and her crowning as a two-weight world champion, Sheeran congratulated her.

While at the 3Arena, his interest in boxing and potential opponents was a topic of discussion.

In a conversation with iFL TV, Sheeran initially expressed his interest in a playful bout with his father. However, when asked to choose another musician as an opponent, he confidently selected Lewis Capaldi, affirming, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’d do it.”

Although it might have seemed like playful ringside banter, the 32-year-old intensified his challenge with a bold, expletive-laden statement, declaring, “Lewis, I’ll f***ing have you, c**t.”

The idea of these two singers facing off in a celebrity boxing match has generated considerable enthusiasm among fans.

One fan commented, “Capaldi smashes Buckfast for breakfast; there’s no way he takes a second jab.”

Another fan envisioned, “Imagine Ed Sheeran walking to the ring with ‘I’m in love with the shape of you’ playing in the background.”

Earlier, Capaldi humorously added a verse to Sheeran’s backing track in a viral social media video. The 27-year-old artist joined in on the fellow musician’s video, which encouraged others to add their own vocals.

Eager to participate, Capaldi composed an engaging tune, incorporating explicit language throughout.

Speaking into the mic of his headphones, he said, “Okay, right, Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, here we go. Let’s do this.”

Capaldi began his song with the words, “Back when you were mine, I used to suck up on your t**s, but now that you’re gone, baby, I miss you.”

Struggling to keep a straight face, he continued, “Every now and then, I think about your p***y lips, crying all night long into my tissues.

“I do dumb s**t when I’m mad, sorry that I killed your dad, but can you still call me back?”