Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Romance Rumoured “In Crisis”

The relationship between Harry Styles and Taylor Russell is ‘in crisis’ following her recent trip to the UK, where she did not meet up with him.

While Harry Styles was at his home in North London, Taylor Russell was nearby, staying at the Corinthia hotel in Whitehall.

This situation has led to rumours that the couple, who are both 29 years old, may have already ended their relationship.

Since June, Canadian actress Taylor Russell and Harry Styles have been in a relationship, seen together on numerous dates around London.

However, Taylor Russell was in London last week for a high-end fashion shoot and did not “Watermelon Sugar” hitmaker.

Their last public appearance together was at a U2 concert at The Sphere in Las Vegas last month. Harry Styles previously took Taylor Russell on a romantic getaway to Mustique, a private Caribbean island.

A source close to the couple suggests that their relationship might be cooling due to their busy work schedules.

During her recent London trip, Taylor Russell stayed alone in a hotel rather than with Harry Styles.

Despite the rapid progression of their relationship, both are at critical stages in their careers and still young. The couple, who highly respect each other, had plans to spend Christmas together.

Recently, Harry Styles, recognized for his curly brown hair, was seen wearing a beanie hat and getting sushi alone in his neighborhood.

Taylor Russell, known for her roles in “Bones And All” and “Lost In Space,” shared her views on relationships in August, acknowledging the inevitability of getting hurt in love.

She described love as her favourite “drug,” highlighting its intense and overwhelming nature.