Kanye West Brings Back Yeezy and Hires Interns To Cut Cost

Kanye West is already “cutting costs” amid his Yeezy comeback as he employs interns at an LA factory, paying them $16 an hour, according to exclusive information from The U.S. Sun.

The 46-year-old entrepreneur is starting his fashion business from scratch after being dropped by multiple brands last year due to his anti-Semitic remarks.

Adidas, Balenciaga, and GAP all ended their partnerships with Ye, and now he is venturing on his own by renting a large new headquarters on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.

The U.S. Sun revealed that he has appointed Dov Charney, the former American Apparel founder who also runs LA Apparel, to lead Yeezy.

However, it appears that Kanye is not assembling a team of experienced professionals in the fashion industry. He has already let go of some staff members and is now hiring numerous interns.

An insider disclosed to The U.S. Sun: “Although Kanye is determined to bounce back with Yeezy, and work is going on at his new HQ on Melrose, he’s already been cutting costs.”

“It’s no secret he’s been bad with money in the past, and some people who have been working for him have been let go in recent weeks or told he can’t afford them at the moment.”

“Nevertheless, he has been advertising for interns to work for him on Craigslist and social media for $16 per hour.”

“He wants them to perform various tasks, including pattern making, sample sewing, photo editing, and social media management.”

Within Budget

“The website is still not operational, so he’s been advertising on Craigslist and sharing the link.”

“But currently, he’s not bringing in anyone else with an impressive resume, which worries many people about his future prospects.”

The source added: “There have been jokes that the only experienced person is the chef who cooks them all sushi for lunch.”

The insider further stated that Kanye’s new wife, Bianca Censori, is heavily involved in the management of Yeezy, and there is a budget allegedly overseen by Charney.

Kanye previously admitted to losing “$2 billion a day” when he was dropped by Adidas and others and is currently facing multiple lawsuits from former employees.

The interns will work at the LA Apparel factory, now known as the “second Yeezy base,” which is separate from the new headquarters reserved for events and meetings.

The U.S. Sun reached out to Bianca at Yeezy and Dov Charney for comments but received no response.

Earlier this month, the official Yeezy Instagram account posted three job listings, seeking interns in graphic design, photography, and pattern making.

Another job advertisement on Craigslist explained: “Yeezy is seeking interns to join our movement. This is an exciting opportunity at one of the most innovative operations worldwide.”

Craigslist Ad

“Seeking detail-oriented candidates to assist in creative and manufacturing processes in a collaborative, fast-paced environment.”

The ad also mentioned that Yeezy is looking for interns in accounting, social media, warehouse logistics, apparel manufacturing, and product development, covering various areas of the business.

The wage offered was $16.04 per hour, slightly above California’s minimum wage of $15.50 per hour.

The ad summarized: “Responsibilities will vary day by day, providing interns experience with a variety of aspects of the business and industry.”

“Please send a resume, cover letter, and social media handles or photos of your personal style.”

Despite the pressure of relaunching his business, Kanye found time to celebrate his birthday over the weekend with a private party held in a warehouse in Downtown LA.

However, he faced criticism for bringing his daughter North to the event, which featured “body sushi,” involving photos and videos of naked women covered in food on tables.

Reddit commentator criticized cultural appropriateness and Kanye’s behavior, particularly in front of children.