Kanye West Says GAP Cancelled Photoshoot With His Children

Kanye West has been involved in another feud — but, this time, it’s against the clothing and accessories retailer GAP again.

In a post shared on his official Instagram account, the 45-year-old rapper revealed a screenshot of a conversation with an unknown person.

The sender shared a picture of a boy wearing a GAP t-shirt and wrote: “This is GAP copying YGEBB.” Kanye responded: “Exactly. Do you want me to post this text message?”

YGEBB stands for “Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga.” The rapper and the retailer have worked together to market his streetwear at affordable prices for the past two years.

In the post’s caption, the Donda singer complained that the brand had “canceled the photoshoot with my kids in Japan without me knowing.”

The revealed screenshot followed another post in which Kanye criticized GAP for allegedly keeping him out of meetings and not including him in their business decisions.

On Tuesday, he posted a cryptic photo showing Yeezy GAP sunglasses on top of other clothes designed under the collaboration and wrote: “Gap held a meeting about me without me?”

Kanye then continued slamming the retailer and uploaded a weirdly-cropped six-minute video where he is seen giving a speech in front of a group of GAP executives.

During the impassioned speech, the Runaway singer encouraged others to “take over the globe,” saying: “This is Sparta.”

The controversial rapper also made several posts in which he revealed that he planned to open a Yeezy store in every US state and around the world.

In one of them, Kanye asked his 16.5 million followers to help him find people with “10 years of retail experience” and the tags rained down. The singer then shared other screenshots showing numerous conversations with candidates who had contacted him and wrote: “God gone find them.”

The Yeezy GAP collaboration was created to offer the urban style garments designed by Kanye. The collection has been successful, with units sold out in multiple locations.

However, fans believe that the rapper “is already beefing” with the brand just two years after their partnership.