Keanu Reeves Bought Rolexes for John Wick 4 Stunt Team

Veteran actor Keanu Reeves celebrated wrapping John Wick: Chapter 4’s filming in a very particular way: he gifted brand-new Rolex Submariners to his stunt team’s members over the weekend.

The movie star, who has built up a good reputation for his generosity and is beloved in Hollywood, handed the elegant dive watches to four stuntmen when they gathered at a Paris restaurant, Le Bistro Paul Bert, on Saturday night.

The stunt team, affectionately known as “the John Wick 5,” finished filming in Berlin.

Reeves reportedly bought a watch for himself and engraved each gift with a personalized thank-you message.

Jeremy Marinas, one stuntman, shared some photos of his Rolex on social media, writing: “Best wrap gift ever.”

In some close-ups, the actor’s personalized message to his coworkers could be seen. “The John Wick Five. Jeremy, thank you. Keanu. JW4, 2021,” it read.

According to social media posts, the four stuntmen’s names are Bruce Lee Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo, and Li Qiang.

Marinas also shared a photo of the team, including Keanu, holding their watches close together.

The gifts were quite luxurious, as Reeves chose the Submariner edition released in 2020. The watch features an Oystersteel case topped with a unidirectional black Cerachrom bezel, an Oyster bracelet, a matching dial with large luminescent hour markers, and the manufacturer’s signature Cyclops magnifying lens.

Introduced in 1953, the Submariner became the first watertight diver’s wristwatch, promising guaranteed waterproof of up to 100 meters. Now, the models guarantee 300-meter water resistance.

In the United States, the retail price of each watch is $10,000, and its 2020 edition is arguably the most recognizable design from the famous professional watch brand so far.

Reeves’ gesture shows how much he appreciates his colleagues and why he is widely recognized as one of the nicest actors in the industry.

“It’s not just Reeves’ on-screen roles that have endeared him to fans – it’s been his candid moments in real life, like securing a shuttle for his fellow passengers when a flight was canceled or courteously giving up his seat on the subway,” said Time Magazine about the action movie star in 2019.