Killer Mike Arrested at Grammys After Clinching Three Awards

American rapper Killer Mike was arrested over an altercation, shortly after he clinched three Grammy awards, as reported by the Los Angeles police on Sunday.

A representative from the Los Angeles police, Mike Lopez, informed the Associated Press that the arrest stemmed from a conflict that took place at the Arena, the venue for the award ceremony.

Killer Mike, 48, was processed for a minor offense, according to Mr. Lopez.

Following his arrest, he was subsequently released and is expected to face a court hearing later in the month.

Footage from the incident showed Michael Render, known professionally as Killer Mike, being led away in handcuffs by law enforcement officers.

This event occurred right after the artist, who is also recognized for his political activism, secured three Grammy awards, marking his first wins in two decades.

His track “Scientists & Engineers”, featuring André 3000, Future, and Eryn Allen Kane, garnered accolades for best rap song and best rap performance.

He was awarded a third trophy for best rap album for his work titled “Michael”.

Upon accepting his awards, the artist stated, “This is for all the people who think you’re too old to rap… we keep hip-hop alive. Never ever stop doing what you do.”

Spectators at the venue were overheard yelling “free Mike” as he was being escorted off the premises.

Killer Mike has openly discussed various issues affecting African Americans, such as police violence and racial discrimination.