Meghan Markle Unveils Lifestyle Brand American Riviera Orchard

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has unveiled a new lifestyle brand, featuring a lineup of products in the works as she returns to Instagram after a hiatus of four years.

In her first social media post since 2020, Meghan introduced American Riviera Orchard through a sequence of nine Instagram posts, revealing the brand’s luxurious logo and crest. The account rapidly gained over 200,000 followers in a matter of hours.

Royal family enthusiasts speculate that the logo includes the Duchess of Sussex’s own calligraphy.

The brand’s trademark application lists items such as cookbooks, dishware, linens, and a variety of spreads and preserves, including jellies, jams, and nut butters. It also mentions table place card holders, specifically noted to be made from non-precious metals.

Additionally, an application for international registration includes products like stationery, textiles, mesh bags, yoga accessories, and pet supplies, featuring leashes, collars, feeding mats, and birdseed.

The launch was highlighted by an Instagram story that, when viewed without sound, bears a resemblance to the opening credits of the TV show “Succession.”

It shows Meghan arranging flowers in the kitchen of her Montecito home and posing in an alcove, dressed in a black evening gown, with Nancy Wilson’s “I Wish You Love” as the soundtrack.

Alongside the Instagram account, the brand has also introduced a website featuring the logo and a sign-up form for a waiting list.

There has been continuous speculation that Meghan could create a product empire akin to those of Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow, particularly following her and Harry’s resignation from their senior royal duties in 2020.

Since leaving their royal roles, the couple has pursued several high-profile media projects, including a five-year deal with Netflix worth an estimated $100 million, a $20 million Spotify contract that ended in mid-2023, and the publication of Harry’s bestselling memoir, “Spare,” in 2023.

American Riviera Orchard signifies Meghan’s initial venture into selling physical goods.

Additionally, Meghan and Harry engage in philanthropy through the Archewell Foundation, which champions digital trust and safety.

Launching a lifestyle brand represents a return to Meghan’s origins, reminiscent of her time managing celebrity interviews, recipes, and content on travel, beauty, and food on her lifestyle blog, The Tig, which she discontinued before marrying Harry.

Like The Tig, American Riviera Orchard incorporates calligraphic design elements but transitions from a simple black and white theme to an opulent gold and cream palette, suggesting the sophistication of a wedding invitation rather than a handwritten note.