Noel Gallagher Insists Liam’s Lack of Interest in Oasis Reunion

Noel Gallagher has claimed that his brother Liam isn’t truly interested in an Oasis reunion, blasting him as being ‘full of s**t’ in bitter remarks.

The vocalist, now 56, reproached his brother for deceiving their longstanding fans after Liam, at 50, hinted at the possibility of reassembling Oasis.

This is just the latest jab in an ongoing verbal feud that has involved Noel labelling his brother a ‘coward’, leading to Liam retorting on Twitter, calling his brother a ‘b*****d’.

The dispute flared up after Liam suggested to fans that he would reunite with Noel and Oasis if Manchester City clinched the Champions League, a statement Noel has now refuted.

Displaying that their rift is very much alive, Noel criticizes his brother for being ‘full of st’ in proposing he wants to resurrect Oasis, urging him to ‘fking call then’.

He told The Sun: ‘I’m preoccupied for the next year and a half with my album but regardless, Liam is full of s**t.’

‘He knows as well as I do that he doesn’t want it either, what he does like doing is making me look a c**t.

‘He’s being ingenuine sic to his beloved Oasis fans who put him where he is today, go f**king call me then.’

Noel maintained that his phone has been quiet and no one has reached out to him about a reunion, reinforcing his assertion that Liam is the one obstructing it.

He proposed his brother isn’t willing to share a room with him, quashing fans’ aspirations of an Oasis reunion anytime soon.

Noel revealed his friend, Blur’s Damon Albarn, wagered on Oasis coming back together after Blur’s comeback at Wembley Stadium, but Noel confirmed that won’t be happening.

The celebrity, preparing to launch his new album Council Skies on June 2, also shared how he was advised to reconcile with Liam for their mother Peggy’s sake.

However, he stated it has nothing to do with his mother and she understands to stay out of it, as both he and Liam are grown-ups.

Following Noel Gallagher’s talkSPORT interview where he labelled Liam a ‘coward’ and blamed him for hindering an Oasis reunion, Liam responded angrily on Twitter, defending his dedication to fans in the wake of the Manchester arena bombings.

The siblings’ war of words, including allusions to past feuds, has fuelled ongoing reunion speculations. Yet, Liam suggested a reunion could be possible if Manchester City wins the Champions League, keeping fans’ hopes alive.

The rock band Oasis was originally comprised of Liam Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll – with Liam’s elder brother Noel subsequently joining as the fifth member.

Oasis disbanded in 2009 when a backstage clash at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris led to Noel announcing his exit, attributing it to invincible disagreements with his brother Liam.

The ongoing feud between the Gallagher brothers, Liam and Noel, has been in the limelight again, fueling speculation about a possible Oasis reunion.

Reportedly, Liam’s agents suggested four large concerts at Knebworth in 2025 – the band hasn’t performed together since the V Festival in 2009.

Meanwhile, Noel’s split from Sara Macdonald, whom Liam has often been at odds with, has intensified conjecture about the band’s revival.

Liam, who claims Sara was blocking their reunion, expressed bitterness over not being invited to their wedding.

As Oasis fans watch the drama unfold, the question remains whether the brothers will overcome their differences for a reunion.