Probe Continues Over Death of “Friends” Actor Matthew Perry

The cause of actor Matthew Perry’s death at his home on Saturday calls for further investigations by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office, as indicated by the agency’s documents.

The medical examiner posted a new update for Perry on their online platform Sunday evening, marking his cause of death as “deferred.”

According to the LA coroner’s guidelines, “In cases where the cause of death cannot be determined at the time of autopsy, a deferred certificate will be issued until additional studies have been completed.”

The renowned actor from “Friends” was reportedly found lifeless in a jacuzzi at his Los Angeles home on Saturday. Initial reports, including one from TMZ, suggest that Perry, best known for his role as Chandler Bing, may have drowned.

Reports indicate that the emergency call made to Perry’s home was initially for cardiac arrest. Sources from TMZ report that no drugs were found at the scene, and there is currently no suspicion of foul play.

After playing pickleball for two hours, Perry is believed to have returned home and soon after sent his assistant on an errand.

Approximately two hours later, when the assistant returned, Perry was discovered unresponsive, leading to an emergency call.

The U.S. Sun reported seeing a distraught father of Perry speaking with officers before returning to his car, permitted past the police line.

Around 7 pm local time, investigators were reportedly on site at Perry’s LA home, awaiting the coroner’s arrival.

The actor was last seen at a Los Angeles restaurant named The Apple Pan. Despite being with friends, he looked noticeably downcast.

Perry’s final Instagram post showed him enjoying a relaxing soak, likely in a jacuzzi. The caption read: “Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I’m Mattman.” Perry was believed to be single at the time of his death.

In late 2019, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported Perry’s romantic involvement with Molly Hurwitz. By 2020, Perry had announced his engagement to People magazine, but the couple separated by mid-2021.

Paying Tribute

Following the announcement of his passing, heartbroken fans took to social media to commemorate the beloved actor.

Piers Morgan, a well-known TV personality, remarked: “The Friends star was a gifted actor but, by his own admission, a deeply troubled individual.”

Born in Massachusetts, Perry spent his early years in Canada. He dedicated ten seasons to “Friends”, playing the iconic Chandler Bing. However, his personal life was not without its struggles.

Cause for Concern

In the months preceding his death, some fans expressed concerns about his appearance and well-being.

Earlier this year, Perry moved into a new LA residence, appearing somewhat disheveled.

In his memoir, he shared candid insights into his life and past struggles. He discussed his battles with addiction, a topic he frequently shared with his followers.

In 2018, at the age of 49, Perry suffered a gastrointestinal rupture attributed to his heavy opiate use.

After enduring a two-week coma with only a two percent chance of survival, Perry depended on a colostomy bag during his healing process.

He revealed that during this time, he had multiple accidents, with around “50 to 60” incidents during his five-month hospital stay. Perry also shared the loss of all his upper teeth due to his addiction.

At the height of his challenges, Perry was consuming an alarming 55 Vicodin pills daily and had dropped to a mere 128 pounds. He sought treatment through rehab but continued to grapple with his issues.