Sam Smith Cancels 2 UK Shows Due to ‘Their’ Vocal Chord Injury

Sam Smith has been advised by physicians to cancel performances in Birmingham and Glasgow, following a necessary interruption of Wednesday’s Manchester show just after four songs due to “a vocal cord injury”.

A representative for the “heartbroken” 31-year-old artist disclosed on Instagram that the medical team recommended a “complete vocal rest”.

“If they keep singing, they will do permanent damage to their voice,” the representative explained. “If they take some rest, they will be able to perform again.”

The artist has confirmed that concert-goers can avail refunds.

They had recently withdrawn from a performance in Glasgow due to health issues and rescheduled it for Thursday, 25 May, whereas the Birmingham concert was rearranged for the subsequent Saturday.

Those who bought tickets can obtain refunds for all three now-cancelled shows at the place of purchase.

The artist, who prefers them/they pronouns, was compelled to abruptly end Wednesday’s gig at the AO Arena in Manchester, despite a promising start with a rendition of the hit Unholy, mere hours post teasing a show “surprise” on social media platforms.

However, fans were quickly disconcerted when the venue plunged into darkness, the concert abruptly stopped and the star exited the stage.

Subsequently, the audience was notified that Smith was grappling with “vocal issues”.

‘I’m sorry’ The regretful Smith had previously explained on Instagram that they had caught a virus several weeks prior to the European leg of their tour, but only began to feel unwell again at the commencement of Wednesday’s show.

“Today in soundcheck I felt fine and was so excited to give Manchester an amazing show tonight, with a special surprise at the end,” they penned.

“During my third song, I noticed something wrong with my voice. I prayed it was just my voice waking up for the show but into the fourth song I could feel something was really wrong.”

Smith continued, “I came off stage and have tried everything to get my voice back in gear but it won’t.”

“I am honestly heartbroken I couldn’t finish the show tonight for you all. I love you all. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

Immediately after leading the audience in a chorus of four of their most cherished songs, including Stay with Me and Like I Can, Sam Smith departed the stage.

The phrase “1: Love” momentarily flashed on the screen as a break, signifying the first act of the show, before being discontinued while the arena lighting remained dimmed.

After a few minutes in partial darkness, an announcement was made indicating a technical issue that they were attempting to sort out and expressed hopes of recommencing the show promptly.

A number of attendees used the unforeseen interval as an opportunity to visit the bar and restroom, presuming the show would resume normally shortly.

However, as time elapsed, the atmosphere shifted, with spectators bracing for the worst or speculating if they did re-emerge on stage, the performance would need to be shortened due to the approaching curfew.

Around 20 minutes later, a further announcement was made, and it was informed that more information would follow. The response was one of understandable frustration with a few scattered boos.

Numerous people were primarily concerned about whether they would receive a refund or a rescheduled date, with some lamenting they would need to request another day off from work and plan travel arrangements again.

Sam refrained from indicating any issues, rather expressing to the crowd their enthusiasm for performing in Manchester, referring to it as their preferred gig from their last tour and promising an additional surprise song at the end.

Their only statement came via an Instagram story later, after many fans had already commenced their journeys home, apologizing but providing no further information.

Fittingly, the final song they sang was Too Good at Goodbyes.

Fans at the Manchester location expressed their dissatisfaction on social platforms.

“Gutted [the] Sam Smith show has been cancelled after four songs,” wrote Rach Payne on Twitter. “Truly devastating it was on its way to being an amazing show.”

“What a massive shame! Take care Sam Smith you did sound amazing!” stated Stephen Donne.

“Absolute bummer. Hope Sam Smith is well nonetheless and ready to perform again soon at full health!” added Will Dennigan.

Smith is a recipient of both the Brit and Grammy awards, recognised for hits like Too Good at Goodbyes and I’m Not the Only One, and accomplished a third UK number one album earlier this year with Gloria.