YG Entertainment Responds to Lisa’s Contract Renewal Rumors

YG Entertainment, the company that is behind the popular K-pop group Blackpink, has addressed recent rumours regarding Lisa’s contract renewal.

Lisa, the 26-year-old vocalist from Blackpink, continues to engage in discussions about her contract renewal with the widely acclaimed K-Pop girl group, reports Korean media outlet Munhwa Ilbo (via Just Jared).

Lisa’s agreement with YG Entertainment is due to terminate in the upcoming month. Discussion concerning the conditions of her new contract have been continuously taking place between Lisa and YG Entertainment, but no agreement has been finalized yet.

Speculation around the possibility of Lisa not renewing her contract began to spread following an unidentified informant revealing to Munhwa Ilbo, “We discussed Lisa’s appearance [on a show] while coordinating with YG and Lisa’s schedule.”

“However, it was conveyed [to us] that it is difficult to arrange scheduled activities after August as their contract renewal with Lisa is uncertain.”

In response to this, an insider from YG Entertainment offered clarity on the ongoing negotiations stating, “[The uncertain scheduling] is due to the tour schedule as well as her individually scheduled activities.”

“It has nothing to do with the contract renewal. Contract renewals are currently under discussion,” the insider revealed.

Reports also indicate that YG Entertainment’s stock price suffered a decline of over 8% following the spread of rumours about Lisa’s potential departure.

Originally from Thailand, Lisa first entered the spotlight as part of Blackpink in 2016. As one of the original members of the group, Lisa is commonly acknowledged as Blackpink’s superior dancer.

Her talent for rapping is often exhibited, highlighting her multifaceted abilities as a performer during Blackpink’s international tours.

Outside of performing, Lisa has shown her adeptness at generating digital content through her YouTube channel, Lillifilm Official.

Within her channel, Lisa shares vlogs about her life, giving her multitude of YouTube subscribers a glimpse into her journey as she travels, models, and prepares for her global stardom as a singer.

The petite starlet set two new Guinness World Records following the launch of her inaugural solo single Lalisa’s music video.

The video became the most-watched release from a solo artist at the time of its premiere, accumulating 73.6 million views within the first 24 hours.

In April, Lisa joined her Blackpink bandmates, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé, delivering a main act at Coachella.

Lisa added to her extensive list of achievements with her MTV Video Music Award in 2022 for Best K-Pop video for Lalisa, the same video that shattered a viewership record on YouTube upon its release.

Beyond featuring on the covers of top-tier print publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Thailand, Lisa also partnered with MAC for a makeup collaboration in 2021.

Her resume also includes brand ambassador roles for Bulgari, fashion label Penshoppe, and whiskey brand Chivas Regal.

The multifaceted performer and model has yet to make a public statement about her ongoing contract talks with YG Entertainment.