Globe Meets Pink Sweat$, American R&B Singer-Songwriter

Lauded by music fans and critics as one of R&B’s brightest young stars, Pink Sweat$ is an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter who brings elements of gospel, hip-hop and pop to the rhythm and blues genre. Born David Bowden, he earned his stage name after he’d often wear one particular pair of pink H&M sweatpants when recording his earliest tunes.

Hailing from Philadelphia in the US, Pink Sweat$ recently performed his first ever show in Thailand, as the ‘Pink Moon Tour’ came to the capital city. His many fans in Bangkok were thrilled with his sold-out concert at Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre, where the 30-year-old impressed by performing his top hits including ‘Honesty’, ‘I Feel Good’, and ‘At My Worst’.

It was 2021’s ‘At My Worst’ that brought Pink Sweat$ global fame and attention, gathering 367 million YouTube views so far, and inspiring a hugely popular TikTok dance challenge. Globe sat down with the affable star to pose some questions on his career and success.

Welcome to Thailand! What are you enjoying the most about your visit to the Land of Smiles, on what we believe is the first ever time you’ve been to the Kingdom?

This is my first visit, yeah! So far so good! I’ve only just arrived, so all I’ve been able to do is get from the airport to the hotel and meet the staff there. Honestly, what I’ve noticed is the people here are super kind. I have not experienced that level of kindness anywhere. Everyone here is just so sweet. What I really want to do is get some authentic Thai food!

Can you explain the concept and the story behind your ‘Pink Moon’ album?

I intended to create a vibe with ‘Pink Moon’ where it’s like, you and your significant other can experience, together, a wide range of feelings. You know, I got some sensual songs, such as ‘Waiting On You’, and also some feel-good songs like ‘For Me’, that is essentially about whatever in this life is for me, it will come to me. I do not have to stress too much. One major point that the lyrics are trying to raise is: “What is life without relationships?”

On this album, you collaborate with many artists, whereas on your first album ‘Pink Planet’ it was just you singing. How did this focus on collaborations come about?

I did this project in like three days with just my friends. I wanted to do something where I wasn’t thinking about hit records – it was just music I wanted to make, music I needed to hear. Undoubtedly, it was a real blessing to get to work with so many incredible artists.

Jungkook, a global superstar as the main vocalist of BTS, is a huge fan of your music. How does it feel to have your songs so widely recognised around the world?

Well, I feel blessed. I feel very lucky. It is something that I could never have imagined. It’s like so much love! Jungkook is incredibly talented. He’s an artist I have great respect for. The recognition I am getting now is beyond my wildest dreams, if I am perfectly honest.

Your song ‘At My Worst’ is massive on TikTok! It is definitely one of the most covered on there. Did you like covering other artists’ songs when you were growing up?

I remember I used to really be into Ne-Yo when I was younger. His record ‘So Sick’, wow. “And I’m so sick of love songs, so tired of tears.” That was like one song I was really into, when I was still in high school. But I didn’t really record any of the covers, because I was shy back then. Also, it wasn’t easy like it is now, to put up a cover song on social media.

When can fans expect to hear some of the new songs you have been working on?

Next month! I have a new song that will be coming out. It’s called ‘Lay Up And Chill’ – it’s got some really cool vibes, and it’s very relaxing. I hope the fans love it as much as I do.

What was it like working with Justin Bieber on ‘Where You Go I Follow’? Can you tell our readers what he’s like away from the spotlight, as you guys are great friends?

Justin…well, what can I say? He is awesome, man! He encourages people around him to be great. He’s just like: “Hey Bro, I need you to do what you do.” And I’m like: “Oh, that’s awesome.” I would describe him as an extremely caring person. Justin will call you, he’ll pray for you. He’ll make sure to ask how you are doing. He is just a very selfless person.

You developed your love for music through church, and a gospel music background. How do you balance your strong devotion to religion with being a major celebrity?

It is pretty easy, man. I just feel like my purpose in life is to love people, and that’s what I am making sure I do. As long as I’m always operating out of love, I feel I can’t go wrong. Trying to show nothing but love has been a blessing in my life, with every passing day.