Paul McCartney Teams Up With The Rolling Stones on New Song

It has been confirmed by The Rolling Stones that Paul McCartney will appear on a brand new song for the first time in almost 60 years, that is scheduled to be released later in the year.

A representative for the band has explained that contrary to reports of both living members of The Beatles working with The Stones, only McCartney has been doing so, and that he plays bass on a new track.

Ringo Starr, the other surviving member of the legendary band The Beatles, has not been collaborating with The Stones, the representative further revealed.

The only time McCartney linked up with The Stones was for a 1967 cameo. He was joined by his Beatles band mate John Lennon, with the duo singing backing vocals on the single “We Love You”.

The Beatles and The Stones maintained a fierce rivalry in the 1960s, but have since gone on to have a civilized, respectful relationship.

Currently unannounced, the record will be The Rolling Stones’ 31st studio album, and will include their former drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away in August of 2021. Steve Jordan, The Stones’ touring drummer, will also feature.

The Rolling Stones’ agent has stated that McCartney went into the studio in Los Angeles during the album’s mixing stages with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger to record the bass track.

Andrew Watt, who has recently worked on albums by Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne, and Eddie Vedder, as well as the 2022 duet Hold Me Closer by Britney Spears and Elton John, produced the album.

For some time, The Rolling Stones had been hinting about a new album: earlier this year, Richards shared an Instagram video in which he teased that new music was on the horizon, while Jagger stated in a 2021 interview with the Los Angeles Times that the band had “a lot of tracks done.”

The band went on to reveal in the interview that Covid lockdowns had slowed down their recording sessions for the Stones’ first record since 2016’s Blue & Lonesome.

Jagger, Richards, and Don Was collaborated to make the well praised album, and there are great expectations for their new effort featuring The Beatles’ frontman.