Viral Drake and The Weeknd AI Track Removed From Spotify

A track that employs artificial intelligence to mimic the vocal styles of Drake and The Weeknd is being taken down from streaming platforms.

“Heart On My Sleeve” can no longer be accessed on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal.

Removal from TikTok and YouTube is underway, though some versions are still accessible.

This comes after sharp disapproval from Universal Music Group, stating that the song breached copyright law.

The music publisher asserted that platforms bear a “legal and ethical responsibility” to deter the exploitation of services that harm artists.

The song portrays a simulated exchange between Drake and The Weeknd, discussing pop star and actress Selena Gomez, who once dated The Weeknd.

The creator, identified as @ghostwriter, alleges the track was produced by software that learned from the artists’ voices.

After being shared across multiple platforms on Friday, the song went viral throughout the weekend.

Apple, Deezer, and Tidal initially took it down on Monday afternoon, followed by requests for TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube to do the same.

A link to the original version on YouTube now states: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Universal Music Group.”

On Spotify, the track garnered 629,439 streams before its removal. With Spotify’s minimum royalty rate of $0.003 per stream, this equates to around $1,888 (£1,500).

Universal Music Group, which represents both artists via Republic Records, mentioned its ongoing AI innovation efforts.

However, the company stated: “The training of generative AI using our artists’ music constitutes both a breach of our agreements and a violation of copyright law.”

“The presence of infringing content created with generative AI on DSPs prompts the question of which side of history all music ecosystem participants wish to stand on.”

“Stakeholders must determine if they want to endorse artists, fans, and human creative expression or deep fakes, fraud, and depriving artists of deserved payment.”

“Such occurrences highlight the crucial legal and moral obligation of platforms to inhibit the exploitation of their services in ways detrimental to artists.”

“We’re heartened by our platform partners’ involvement in these matters-as they understand the necessity of being part of the solution.”

No reaction has been given by either artist regarding the song, but Drake recently showed discontent with his voice being replicated.

“This is the final straw AI,” he shared on Instagram, after discovering a fan-created video in which he seemed to be performing the Ice Spice song Munch (Feeling U).