BLACKPINK’s Lisa Joins HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 Cast

Lisa from BLACKPINK will be featured in the third season of the acclaimed TV show “The White Lotus”, which marks her first foray into acting and makes her the third Thai national to join the cast.

HBO’s announcement on Monday also mentioned Scott Glenn and Julian Kostov as new additions to the cast.

Lisa will use her real name, Lisa Manobal, in the credits. Details about her role in the new season remain undisclosed.

Lisa Manobal follows in the footsteps of fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie, who used the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane for her role in “The Idol,” a show created by Sam Levinson and The Weeknd that aired on HBO.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the series would also feature Thai actors Dom Hetrakul and Maethi ‘Tayme’ Thapthimthong, both of whom have experience in Hollywood projects.

Dom, known for his extensive work in local TV series and movies, gained international recognition for his role as Aran in the 2008 film “Bangkok Dangerous.”

Maethi first entered the entertainment industry as a contestant on the tenth season of Academy Fantasia, later transitioning to acting.

The shooting for “The White Lotus” is set to commence this month, with locations including the Four Seasons Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok in Thailand.

Deadline reported in November that the upcoming cast of the series would feature diverse characters such as a family patriarch, a female business leader, an actress, and various mothers, each with unique backgrounds including a country club wife, an outsider, and a yoga enthusiast.

The series’ debut season earned 20 Emmy nominations and secured 10 awards, while its second season, set in Sicily, received 23 nominations and won five Emmys.

The cast for the new season boasts well-known actors like Walton Goggins (Justified), Michelle Monaghan (True Detective), Parker Posey (Beau Is Afraid), Sarah Catherine Hook (First Kill), Sam Nivola (Maestro), Patrick Schwarzenegger (Gen V), Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education), and more.

In a 2022 Rolling Stone interview, Manobal expressed her desire to explore new avenues beyond BLACKPINK, stating, “I respect everyone’s roles within BLACKPINK. I don’t want to break this image; I want to keep doing what I do within BLACKPINK”.

“But personally, I have so many things I want to try. I love photography, I want to try acting, and more”.