Scotland v Ukraine: Tearful Zinchenko Wants World Cup Spot

On the night of his team’s vital World Cup play-off against Scotland, Oleksandr Zinchenko sobbed as he pledged to offer the Ukrainian fans “great sensations” if they won.

Ukraine will play its first play-off games since Russia invaded the country in February.

With a win, they’ll face Wales for a spot in the World Cup in Qatar.

“Every Ukrainian wants the same thing: to put an end to this conflict,” Zinchenko, a Manchester City midfielder, said.

“I spoke to folks from all around the world, including young Ukrainian children who just don’t comprehend what’s going on in their country.”

“All they want is for the conflict to end.” They just have one wish: to put an end to the conflict.

“When it comes to football, we have our own fantasy squad. We want to go to the World Cup and offer the Ukrainians these amazing sensations because they sorely need it right now.”

Zinchenko, 25, has exhibited his emotions on and off the pitch since the war began, as he broke down when answering a question from a Ukrainian journalist inside Hampden Park with his coach Oleksandr Petrakov.

He commended Scotland’s squad and staff for their kind welcome, as well as preparations to give song sheets to home supporters so they may join in singing the Ukrainian national hymn.

“I would also want to emphasize that a lot of nations maybe don’t realize that – today it is Ukraine, but tomorrow it may be you,” Zinchenko, who won the Premier League with City, continued.

“That is why we must unite and oppose aggression in its entirety.”

“I am confident that the entire country of Ukraine will be watching us.” The support will be felt.

“We can speak all we want, but we have to show it on the field.” We’ll do everything we can to make our people happy and proud.”