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Stephen Curry Secures NBA’s Top Scorer for Season Title

Stephen Curry continues to make history: on Sunday he secured his second NBA scoring title after a spectacular performance in the Golden State Warriors 113-101 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies, in which he scored a whopping 46 points.

Thus, at the end of the regular season, the Ohio native has an enviable scoring average of 32.0 points per game. The second place in this honorary ranking goes to Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal who finished on 31.3 points per game.

Curry achieves this feat at the age of 33. Before him, the only player who had been able to win a scoring title after his 33rd birthday was none other than Michel Jordan, which adds to the significance of this achievement.

“I had a lot of good looks all night, we were in sync. The guys set great screens for me,” Curry said.

The strong performance against Memphis gave the Warriors their sixth straight win, allowing them to claim the number eight position in this week’s play-in tournament.

It should be recalled that the play-in tournament was established for the 2020-2021 season and is intended to help determine who takes the seventh and eighth seeded positions in each conference for the play-offs.

In the Western Conference, Curry’s Warriors will face none other than Lebron James’ L.A. Lakers.