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ICONSIAM and G-U Creative Partner to Stage Thai-Japan Music Festival

This year’s biggest concert festival, set to take place at ICONSIAM, will bring together over 100 Thai and Japanese pop music talents and groups.

Thailand-Japan Iconic Music Fest 2022 will be held at River Park and Charoen Nakhon Hall on Floor M of the world-class riverside shopping mall in Bangkok from October 21-23, 2022.

Organized by ICONSIAM and G-U Creative Company, one of Japan’s leading event organizers, the Thai-Japan Iconic Music Fest 2022 seeks to boost the kingdom’s music phenomenon and become part of the mall’s signature activities.

According to ICONSIAM’s CEO, Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, the festival also reflects the company’s principles of creating outstanding partnerships to offer the best deals to its clientele.

In addition, the Thai-Japan Iconic Music Fest 2022 helps celebrate the 135th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries while marking ten years of their strategic partnership program.

The event is expected to attract Thais, Japanese, and tourists, representing a welcome gesture after both nations’ reopening after a two-year pandemic.

It is also a platform to enhance and promote T-Pop and J-Pop groups, raising both countries’ music industry levels.

G-U Creative CEO and President Yupharet Ekturapakal confirmed that NEWS band former member Yuya Tegoshi is one of the top Japanese superstars set to return to Thailand. The three-day festival also brings in another army of talented Japanese artists, including Exile Tribe’s Ballistik Boyz, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Exile Tribe’s Fruits Zipper, and Psychic Fever.

On the Thai side, leading idol groups like BNK48 will deliver their funky tunes to their Japanese fans. Meanwhile, Thai boy bands like the Element; Laz 1, ready to give the best performance with their beautiful songs and XI, who brings the best young dances to the stage.

Thai Idol groups will also join the event to show off their singing and dancing talent, cuteness, and brightness.

Top T-Pop artists, including legendary idol group Sao Sao Sao, are also set to deliver their hits in collaboration with Japanese artists such as Koh Mr. Saxman, Stamp-Apiwat, singer Sin (Singular), and band La-ong. Foam.

The festival will also bring together young actors like Non Kornpat, Bank Mondop, Moss Panuwat, and more!

The Thai-Japan Music Fest 2022 is open to the public with no charge. Those who want more information can visit ICONSIAM and G-U Creative Facebook pages.