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Norwood Young’s Hollywood Soul Supper Club To Open Soon

The luxurious Lancaster Hotel is set to house Bangkok’s first and only soul music nightclub, promising an unforgettable dining experience and a fabulous show focused on the Afro-American genre.

Norwood Young’s Hollywood Soul Supper Club will transform the Lancaster Hotel’s dazzling 18th-floor lounge into the perfect place to indulge in world-class delectable cuisine while enjoying captivating shows centered around authentic soul music.

Guests can raise their expectations to be impressed with Norwood Young and his Hollywood Soul Band, set to bring a genuine soul music attitude to the Thai capital.

The show will be hosted by Norwood Young, an award-winning American recording artist who has been nominated for Grammy Awards and is considered a celebrity in the TV and music industries in his native country.

While in the US, Norwood Young participated in several Hollywood productions and captivated the demanding public of Las Vegas with his musical shows. Since he arrived in Bangkok, the soul singer has worked with world-renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Utopia Hospitality Group’s Grand Opening Gala, and the US Embassy.

In recent years, the talented Norwood Young has also headlined award-winning music clubs Maggie Choo’s and The Crimson Room.

The culinary experience has also been well thought out. All the dishes served in the club will be inspired by American Soul Food as part of an exquisite menu developed under an haute cuisine concept.

For the dining experience that guests can get at Norwood Young’s Hollywood Soul Supper Club, the menu incorporates a full vegan selection and a fusion of delicious Thai dishes called “Thoul Food,” a play on words that combines the terms “Thai” and “Soul Food,” promising guests authentic traditional American soul food.

Supper Club will offer three-course dinners starting at 2,000++ baht, including a “Soultizzer,” the main course, a dessert, and a complimentary cocktail.

Norwood Young’s Hollywood Soul Supper Club arrives as the first and only African American-run supper club in Southeast Asia and the first Soul Supper Club on the continent.

Set to open on September 2, 2022, in Lancaster Hotel’s dazzling 18th-floor lounge, it is now accepting reservations. For more information, check