DeeMoney’s Fintech Innovation Impresses at Money20/20 Asia

DeeMoney, a prominent application specializing in cross-border payment services based in Thailand, made a significant impact at the Money20/20 Asia conference. This event is a major gathering in the financial technology sector, where DeeMoney stood out as a dynamic and influential non-bank fintech entity.

At the conference, key financial figures from JP Morgan and the Bank of Thailand were present. Amidst these industry giants, Aswin Phlaphongpanich, CEO and Co-Founder of DeeMoney, participated in a crucial panel discussion. The topic, “Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in ASEAN’s Cross-Border Payment Landscape,” was highly relevant to the region’s financial dynamics.

During this discussion, Mr. Aswin Phlaphongpanich emphasized DeeMoney’s dedication to innovation. He detailed the specific challenges of operating within Thailand’s fintech environment, which is part of the broader, fragmented ASEAN payment landscape.

He highlighted particular issues like the complex Know Your Customer (KYC) processes that foreign nationals face and the intricate licensing requirements within the region.

Despite these challenges, DeeMoney’s commitment to collaboration was evident. Mr. Phlaphongpanich proudly mentioned the company’s partnerships with over 70 financial entities, which are crucial in overcoming regulatory and technological hurdles.

He also proposed enhancing connections between ASEAN and the European Union. Suggesting that such interconnectivity could lead to more streamlined operations and improved service delivery across these regions.

DeeMoney’s influence extends across 50 countries, handling transactions in 26 different currencies, thus significantly simplifying the process of cross-border payments. At Money20/20 Asia, DeeMoney not only showcased its capabilities but also formed new alliances, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable fintech partner in Thailand.

The discussions led by Mr. Aswin about expanding transaction limits and enhancing digital financial services highlighted DeeMoney’s ongoing commitment to meet evolving customer needs.

The company continues to lead in digital financial inclusion, using advanced technology and strategic partnerships to simplify the KYC processes. As Thailand aims to position itself as a gateway for ASEAN, DeeMoney’s achievements at Money20/20 Asia highlight the country’s burgeoning financial potential and affirm its critical role in shaping the future of regional transactions.