UOB Thailand Program Raises Thai Youths’ Financial Literacy

UOB Thailand is actively leading the charge to enhance financial literacy among young individuals through its innovative program, UOB Money 101: Teen Edition. The program recently held a graduation ceremony where it celebrated the accomplishments of over 1,700 lower secondary students who successfully completed their coursework.

This memorable event was conducted at the prestigious UOB Plaza Bangkok Auditorium, with the presence of Ms. Kesthip Supawanich, Deputy Director of the Office of the Basic Education Commission, commemorating the significant occasion.

Since it first launched in September 2021, the UOB Money 101 program has consistently attracted an increasing amount of interest each year. To date, it boasts a completion rate of over 4,000 students from 45 different schools throughout Thailand, demonstrating the program’s growing reach and impact.

Offered as an online course, the training provides comprehensive coverage of crucial topics in money management and financial wellness. It is designed to equip students with the essential skills required to make well-informed financial decisions that will help secure their economic future in the long term.

The program features a series of six detailed and interactive activities that guide students through the initial stages of financial planning and help them to set attainable financial goals.

Participants in the program also delve into understanding the psychology of money, alongside acquiring practical knowledge on earning, saving, investing, managing expenditures, and setting long-term financial goals.

This educational initiative is a cooperative effort involving the Thailand Collaboration for Education (TCFE) and is a key component of UOB’s extensive UOB My Digital Space campaign.

The overarching aim of this campaign is to eliminate the digital divide and broaden the scope of digital learning opportunities available to economically disadvantaged Thai youth, empowering them with the necessary tools for success in the digital age.

Mr. Sanchai Apisaksirikul, Managing Director and Advisor to the CEO’s Office at UOB Thailand, highlighted the crucial role of financial literacy in today’s society. He passionately stated, “Financial literacy is fundamental for fostering economic empowerment and promoting social mobility across communities.”

Ms. Kanokwan Chowsri, Director of TCFE at the Yuvabadhana Foundation, discussed the transformative impacts of the program. She remarked on the observable improvements in the students’ financial behaviors, such as better savings practices and more strategic financial planning.

She further emphasized that the program does more than just teach prudent money management; it is instrumental in reducing economic disparities and breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty through comprehensive financial education.

Ms. Tawina Chaiyongyos, a dedicated teacher at Phattharayan Witthaya School, underscored the essential need for robust financial literacy education. She firmly believes that embedding financial education into the school curriculum allows students to directly apply these critical lessons to real-life situations.

Ms. Thanyathon Premprasert, a proactive student at Phattharayan Witthaya School, expressed her profound gratitude for the life-altering benefits the program has provided her. Initially lacking basic saving skills, she has now adopted sound financial practices and is eager to implement this knowledge in managing her father’s business, as well as in other future professional pursuits.

Registration for the 2024 UOB Money 101: Teen Edition is now actively ongoing. Teachers and schools eager to promote financial literacy among their students are encouraged to explore more about this enriching program through the official UOB Thailand Facebook pages at and